Executive Performance Coaching

Specialist Areas of Expertise

Although performance coaching is built on a personal relationship, it would be foolish of me to work in isolation. My business model is built on business alliances to form I a network of diversely experienced educators, thought leaders and consulting partners in the UK, USA and Australia. My primary business partner is Dr Rebecca Newton. We can teach you to build two massively important qualities, firstly your presence and secondly your gravitas. We do this by focusing three areas: 


How Executive Performance Coaching Works

The key ingredient in coaching and advisory work is TRUST. All of us from time to time will have experienced the effects of the breakdown of trust and it almost unavoidable. However, with performance coaching, trust is accelerated through the process that I take you through.

  1. Attend one of our GRAVITAS seminars that we run globally. Our days in 2012 are fully booked so the next available will be published shortly in 2013. We take a maximum of 40 people through a 2 hour seminar to show you just how much of difference we can make to your life.
  2. If you like the 2 hour session, come along to a 3 day deep dive workshop where we will show you the 7 steps to gravitas.
  3. Increasing you personal effectiveness can be supported through a 12 month coaching and advisory package tailored to your needs.
  4. Finally you will have access to all of our DVDs and on line videos.